Sex Addiction


“I doubt that at any time in our history has their been as grave a threat to the morality of our people and to the morality of the Jewish family as the plague of addiction to Internet pornography.”
-Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski, MD

Sex Addiction: Disease or Excuse for Bad Behavior?

Are you addicted to sex, pornography, or masturbation? 

Are you struggling with compulsive sexual behavior or thoughts? Are you spending too much time looking at pornography? Going to strip clubs, massage parlors, adult bookstores, or escorts?

Have you tried to stop but failed?

Do you get involved in risky or dangerous relationships that might result in physical harm or legal problems?

Have you been caught by your wife, a family member, or your boss? Or are you afraid of being found out?

You may have a sex addiction. Sex addiction can literally ruin your life. Get help before it's too late.


While the Internet has in many ways changed our lives for the better, it has also brought along with it real problems. 

In the past, access to pornography and illicit sex was limited by the time, money, and difficulty that were required to obtain it. The Internet has changed all that. 

Today someone seeking pornography or various sexual encounters has only to go to their home computer to find anything they are looking for and much more. The Internet enables people who might not otherwise get addicted easy access to unlimited quantities of pornography and easy opportunities for problematic sexual behavior.

Sex addiction can be defined as repeated unwanted sexual behavior. It affects men and women, single and married, young and old. When someone has decided that he wants to stop acting out sexually -- whether online or in real-life -- and he repeatedly finds that he cannot stop, no matter how hard he tries, he may be suffering from sex addiction. Some of the areas of acting out include Internet pornography, one-night stands, prostitution, anonymous sex, massage parlors, strip clubs, and more.


Thankfully, there is a way out. If you find yourself struggling with unwanted sexual activity, whether online or offline, you can get help.

I have extensive experience working with sex addicts, and with the right support, people can recover and find sobriety and serenity in their lives. Marriages can be saved, and lives can be put back together.

I trained intensively with Dr. Patrick Carnes, the pioneer of sex addiction therapy and the Chairman of the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals. In addition, Dr. Carnes is the director of the Gentle Path 6-week inpatient sex addiction treatment program at Pine Grove in Hattiesburg, Mississippi .

I offer both individual therapy and group therapy for sex and pornography addicts, as well as couples counseling and supportive counseling for spouses of addicts.